The Unbound is a home grown campaign using the Palladium Megaverse rules. The setting is fantasy, and all characters created for the game will be generated with the rules of that particular rule book in mind.

It is an age of hardship and strife for humans and their demi-human allies. Dwarves, Gnomes, Elves and Humans have all found themselves vastly outnumbered by the monstrous races of this fantasy setting. The once great technological and mystic leaders have been relegated to subsistence levels of survival as the monstrous races have achieved levels of civilization and organization that were never thought possible. Now, the demi-humans are the ones that find themselves eking out a living in the ruins left behind by other civilizations or isolating themselves from the world to live in nearly stone age squalor.

The land of Uda Gle is the starting point for the campaign. Player characters will explore their world, encounter wondrous sights and battle ever-expanding monstrous civilizations.

The Unbound

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