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Uda Gle is both the name of the tribe and the territory that supports the tribe.

Bordered on the north by Rico’s Fall, an unnaturally smooth straight canyon that is two miles deep and 40 miles long, on the south and east by the Lantic River and the west by Kee’s Lake, the territory of Uda Gle covers roughly 3500 square miles. Inside these borders the Lantic River flows, splitting into lesser rivers that help to create a lush forest and extremely fertile farm lands. The Lantic River is slow moving and fairly wide in many areas. The three rivers that branch off of it, named Kee’s Reach River, Shallow River and Mystic River all share these properties. Besides farmland tended by the tribe, Uda Gle supports two extensive forests; the Minneola Forest and the Triebel Woods. Grasslands and scrub forest support both domesticated and wild herd animals. There are also a number of predator animals hunting the territory claimed by the Uda Gle.

Moderate temperatures last year round. Seasons are separated into two identifiable categories: rainy and dry. The terms are more relative than absolute. The dry season extends from roughly mid-April through mid-November, with an average precipitation level of less than three inches per month. During the rainy season, precipitation levels climb to an average of more than eleven inches per month with the heaviest rainfall occurring from late February through early April. River levels grow considerably during these months and the tribe takes precautions to avoid storm surges and floods. A large amount of this water comes to rest in the Belgica Cistern, a large subterranean area with an accessible entrance in the southern wall of Rico’s Fall that is only about half a mile from the canyon floor. A portion of the Lantic River cascades into Rico’s Fall, creating a waterfall that is two miles high with the largest uninterrupted part of the fall measuring 3687 feet. A set of circular mounds dominates a portion of the landscape north of the Triebel Woods. Known simply as The Hills, the seven mounds are used annually to host the celebratory meeting of the tribes.

The people of Uda Gle are separated into tribes, each settling in one of the seven villages inside the borders of the small nation. Villages are generally comprised of clans, each with a number of related families. Intermarriage between clans is encouraged but not required. Alphabetically, the villages are: Fishbone Flats, Flat Rock, Ilsen, No Name Key, Shadra, Thunder Valley, and Vayri Vard. With a technology level roughly equivalent of late stone age tribes, the people of Uda Gle must trade with other tribes and nations for goods of a more technically advanced nature.

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